Diversity and Inclusion Competency

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To meet the demands of today’s work environment and to truly achieve the successes that we desire as a company, a department, an organization or as a community, we need to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices.

Multiple studies have proven that diverse teams drive better business performance and organizations with greater diversity become more resilient and innovative. And inclusion is required for diverse groups to thrive.

Yet there’s little point in considering how to recruit a more diverse workforce, nor how to ensure talented individuals from different backgrounds are fully included, if your organization has not yet considered what different people need to be successful.

Additionally, as an organization, we need to know what is right, and what isn’t right when it comes to interacting with, attracting and serving diverse groups. What can I say, or not say? What’s the deal with pronouns? Are they important? How do we use this as an opportunity to connect, verses a liability that creates further division? All these questions are being asked by staffs, managers, supervisors and organizational leaders.


In partnership with the Welcome Project PA, Diversity and Inclusion Competency is a practical, interactive training for schools, companies, medical campuses, nonprofits, religious institutions, and other settings, led by LGBT+ identifying individuals. This training will introduce you and your staff to LGBTQIA+ terminology that will help create more inclusive, knowledgeable, and welcoming spaces. They will also offer practical suggestions and best practices for better allyship, in an interactive format, providing space for questions and providing resources for ongoing learning.