PPS 5.0 Online Course Number 21101 [March 2021]



DATES: March 23, 25, 30 and April 1. Classes will be held at 2 PM to 6 PM EDT/11 AM to 3 PM PDT

This course is designed to aid you in your efforts to better “Interact” with colleagues, co-workers, and employees, as well as other people, peers, and associates in your life. Speaking of life, and particularly our work life, plans change – and problems arise. Even the most carefully set plans need to be managed, and the people responsible for managing those plans need to be able to adapt to the situations – and enable their teams to adapt as well.

In each of the four sessions within this program, you will build the coaching and interpersonal skills you can use to make sure that plans turn into results – that you and your teams perform. We’ll begin with a set of problem-solving skills, that you can use when people are doing things that don’t match your expectations. While most of us face minor bugs, glitches, and predicaments every day, we’ll examine how most of these problems are related to misunderstandings and disagreements with the people around us. We will build a set of skills for working through these routine, and sometimes aggravating, “people problems.”

The skills taught in this training are based on what real people actually do at work (rather than laboratory rats or characters dreamed up by some theorist). Not only is PERFORMANCE PROBLEM SOLVING based on real people – but real people who have been identified by their co-workers and managers as the best in their organization at working through problems. And these are not just solutions that were developed yesterday, or over the last few months – but a proven standard of practice that has been employed by leaders, managers, supervisors and workers all across the country and stood the test of time and change – since 1981.

Kevin J. Eustler
Kevin J. Eustler portrait

Kevin J. Eutsler graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Technology (Organizational Leadership and Supervision) and an MS in Education (Instructional Design). He has spent his career leading OD, Employee Engagement and Training initiatives in many manufacturing and industrial organizations (United Technologies Carrier Residential Products, International Paper, Masterbrand Cabinets in Fortune Brands, and Rain for Rent) as well as being an independent consultant to several other organizations.

He has been championing and teaching Interact Material since 2000. In addition to providing on- site classes for customers wishing a traditional delivery of Interact offerings, he will be providing on line classes as well as certifying trainers for end user customers and 3rd party providers of Interact Solutions.